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2006: Immovable

Another giant boulder right in the middle of a proposed pathway. I couldn't budge this one with bars and fulcrums, not even one millimeter. So what is the best way to deal with this obstacle?

(1) ^ ^ ^ ^ Going around this boulder was an option, but it meant more work. Then I got the idea to raise the level of the pathway and go right over the top of it.

(2) ^ ^ ^ ^ After spending time over a few days trying to dig this boulder out, I decided to fill the hole back in again.

(3) ^ ^ ^ ^ The next step was to build the rock borders for the new pathway, incorporating this boulder in situ.

(4) ^ ^ ^ ^ Elvis surveys the result. After the wood chips were added, the top of the boulder resembles a stepping stone.

(5) ^ ^ ^ ^ Not the ideal solution perhaps, but a relatively efficient way of reducing the number of work hours spent to complete this section of pathway, and still get a good result. This work took place in June, July, August, 2006.

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