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2005: Coven

In April, 2005, I started work installing the seventh table and stump stools. This table was off the beaten path, so it was designed to be more private and isolated. We called it the Hidden Cove Table. A good place to sit quietly and read or write. Or just enjoy some solitude.

(80) ^ ^ ^ ^ The project started with the digging of a post hole.

(81) ^ ^ ^ ^ When digging, you always encounter plentiful rocks.

(82) ^ ^ ^ ^ The center post in place. The orange-colored object in the background was the original table top (later replaced).

(83) ^ ^ ^ ^ Almost a month later, the new table was discovered by some practical jokers. They tuned out to be two, somewhat immature, teenage boys. They dismantled the table and hid the table top and stump stools in the surrounding bushes. This incident occurred on April 30th, 2005.

(84) ^ ^ ^ ^ There is perhaps a fine line between a practical joke, and outright vandalism. To us, this was clearly vandalism. It was never determined if this was real blood (animal), or fake blood. A parent strolling with two young daughters stumbled upon this scene in the late afternoon. The young girls found it upsetting, so the father went to the suspect's house the same evening. In trying to cover up their involvement, the boys effectively incriminated themselves.

(85) ^ ^ ^ ^ A few days later, everything was restored and ready to be enjoyed again.

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