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2011: New Rock Stairs

A new flight of stone steps was constructed during the second week of May 2011. They are located on the east side of the wash under the power lines that cross the greenbelt there. They are found level with water tank #C which is on the opposite side of the greenbelt.

(1) ^ ^ ^ ^ They replace an earlier set of stone steps that were built in the same location.

(2) ^ ^ ^ ^ It is an 8-step flight of stairs.

(3) ^ ^ ^ ^ The top step was completely replaced in late August as it was found to be a little unstable in service (especially for anyone running up and down these stairs).

(4) ^ ^ ^ ^ Standing on the top looking down.

(5) ^ ^ ^ ^ New steps installed between the Wedding Bridge and the Snowflake house. You can step up from the main path here and walk towards the Victory Table. It also goes up the long sloping pathway across the vacant lot to Alpen Court. This seems to be the route most people walk when crossing the wash. People used to step over the rock edging on the lower pathway here, but with all the traffic those rocks eventually got toppled over. So this makes the transition between the two levels a little more robust and longer lasting.

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